Kenneth Shinozuka  Founder and CEO

Kenneth Shinozuka
Founder and CEO

Growing up in a three-generation family, I have always been interested in my grandparents’ wellbeing. When I was six, I invented a Smart Bathroom that would send an alert to my wristwatch if my grandparents fell in their bathroom.  When I was 14, the nightly wandering of my grandfather, an Alzheimer’s patient, became more frequent, causing falls and injuries. Since there were no effective solutions on the market, I decided to take on the problem and created the SafeWander® Sock Sensor. This work won a top prize at the 2014 Google Science Fair, among other recognitions.  Encouraged by heartwarming messages from families who struggle to care for their loved ones, I formed my own startup, SensaRx, with a small but extremely dedicated team, to commercialize SafeWander®.  Realizing that many people won’t wear socks to sleep, we invented the SafeWander Button Sensor, which attaches to patients' clothes and sends an alert when they exit the bed.  In late 2015 we launched the SafeWander® Bed-Exit Alarm Sensor. Recently SensaRx partnered with a reputable manufacturer and has successfully scaled up production.  From solving my own family’s problem to serving many more families and communities across the nation, I am intensely dedicated to protecting the safety of those who many wander or fall and improving the wellbeing of their caregivers.


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