Can I use one mobile device to monitor multiple patients?

Yes, one of the unique advantages of SafeWander is its ability to monitor multiple patients using only one mobile device.  This streamlined solution is particularly useful for a care community.   You may use one tablet in your nurse station to monitor all your residents, or each caregiver can carry one device to monitor multiple residents. 

How do I register more patients, sensors, and gateways?

To add more patients, each assigned with a new sensor, tap My Patients on the bottom of the screen. Then tap “+” on the top right corner to add a patient.  Then follow the instructions on the App to add a new Sensor and assign it to the new patient.  You can also tap Settings on the bottom of the screen (or on the top right for Android devices), tap Gateways to add more Gateways.

Do I need one Gateway for each patient?

 If two or more patients are sharing a regular size bedroom, their Sensors might be able to share one Gateway.  Place the Gateway in a center location close to all the patients and test if all the sensors are connected to your mobile device. 

Is a Gateway assigned to a patient?

No, you can use any registered gateway for any one or multiple of your Sensors. However, each sensor is uniquely assigned to a patient.   

How do I monitor multiple patients at the same time?

My Patients dashboard shows a list of all your patients.  After a patient goes to bed, turn on the Alert Switch next to his or her name on the App.  Make sure that the status below the name shows Sleeping.

When a sensor detects a patient getting up, you will hear a beeping alert and see the background of that patient in orange color and flashing.  This way, you know who has gotten up.  

Can I assign a previously assigned sensor to a new patient?

Yes, you can.

(1)        Delete the old patient whom the sensor was assigned to.  Tap My Patients on the bottom of the screen.  Tap Edit (or press and hold the name of the patient for Android devices) and then “-“ to delete this patient.

(2)       Add a new patient.  Tap “+” on the top right of screen to add the new patient.

(3)       Tap Edit and tap the new patient’s name, his/her information screen will appear.  Tap Sensor and tap the Sensor you just registered from the Unassigned Sensors. Go back to the My Patients page and tap Save on the top right.