What are the main features of the SafeWander™ App?

The App has three dashboards:  My Patients, History, and Settings.  They are shown on the bottom of the App (Settings for Android devices is on the top right), and can be switched by taping them.

My Patients dashboard:

The main dashboard is My Patients, which shows a list of your registered patient(s).  Under each name, you can view this person’s current status.  For example Sleeping  next to a green dot.  This means that the patient is laying down.

Next to each patient name, there is an Alert Switch that can be tapped on or off.  When the Alert is on, the switch shows green and device will make a beeping sound when an alert is sent from the Sensor .  When the Alert is off, the switch turns grey and device will make no beeping sound.

History dashboard:

Click History on the bottom to switch to the History dashboard to view patients’ time records of getting up.

Settings dashboard:

Click Settings on the bottom (or on the top right for Android app) to view info of your User Account, Sensors and Gateways.  Click Account to sign out.  Click Sensors to view which sensor is assigned to which patient or edit (add or delete) Sensors.  Click Gateways to view the registered gateway(s) or edit (add or delete) Gateways.

How do I start monitoring my patient?

(1) Attach the Sensor to clothing before putting the clothing on your patient;

(2) After your patient lies down on the bed, open the App and tap the Alert Switch to turn on the alert.  The status should show “Sleeping”.  The Sensor should lie flat when the patient is on the bed and the logo should be parallel with the ground when the patient stands.

What should I do when I hear a beeping alert?

You will receive a beeping alert on your mobile device when the Sensor detects your patient’s getting up.

(1)    Swipe the screen or tap OK to stop the beep. The background of the patient is orange and flashing.

(2)       After you check the patient, tap one of the two buttons now appearing on the dashboard:

  • “Confirm”, if the patient did get up, or
  • “Ignore” if the patient did not get up.

This will ensure the reliability of the patient history records.

How do I continue monitoring my patient after I receive an alert?

The sensor will automatically start monitoring your patient again. Make sure that the Alert Switch is turned on.

How do I stop monitoring?

Simply tap the Alert Switch on the App to turn off the alert. The switch will turn grey. Take off the sensor (or the patient's clothing) and store it in a secure location while not in use.

For convenience, do not sign out the App.

What is the button on the Sensor for?

The button on the Sensor (below the SafeWander logo) allows you to turn on or off the Sensor and also to check if the Sensor is on. 

How do know if the Sensor is on or Off?

Push the button once.

•  If a green light flashes on the Sensor, the Sensor is on.

•  If no light flashes, it is off.

Should I turn off the Sensor while it is not in use?

For convenience, leave the Sensor on at all times (even if you are not using the Sensor).  This will consume very little battery.  As long as the Alert Switch on the App is turned off, you will not receive any beeping alert.

If you do not use the Sensor for 10 days or longer, you may turn off the Sensor to save the battery power.