When should I replace the battery?

The Sensor is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery, which is expected to last up to six months. When the sensor fails to turn on, the battery must be replaced. 
The Android App shows a battery icon in My Patients dashboard, when your mobile device is next to the Sensor (and directly connected via Bluetooth).  You can use the indicated remaining battery life to plan for battery replacement.  The iOS App will soon have this function.

What is the battery used in the Sensor and how do I replace it?

The Sensor is powered by a replaceable CR1632 coin cell battery.  To replace the battery, simply open the back cover of the Sensor, replace the battery, close the back cover, and turn on the Sensor.  

What should I do when I start using a new mobile device?

Download the SafeWander App to your new mobile device.   Make sure that you sign off the app at your older device.  Then sign in to the new device using the same user name and password.

Is the Sensor waterproof? How should I care for the sensor?

The Sensor is waterproof.  You may also sterilize or rinse the Sensor. However, do not put the Sensor in a washing machine or a dryer.

How do I replace a Sensor?

1. Delete the old Sensor from the App.  Tap Settings on the bottom of the screen (or top right for Android devices).
Tap Sensors, then Edit (or press and hold the sensor for Android devices), tap the “-“ sign to delete the old Sensor.

2. Add the new Sensor.  Tap the “+” sign on the top right of the screen, and follow the instructions on the App to register the new Sensor.

3. Assign the new Sensor to the patient.  Tap My Patients on the bottom left.  Tap Edit on the top left (or for Android devices, press the patient's name and hold). Tap the name of your new patient, and this will bring in the patient information screen.  Tap Sensor and assign the newly registered Sensor to the patient. Return to My Patients page and tap Save on the top right.