Successful 6-Month Trial of SafeWander for 24/7 Fall Prevention and Indoor Location

SafeWander Japan 3.png

The SafeWander wearable sensor system has recently completed its successful 6-month trial at Urinokie, a senior assisted living facility in Chiba, Japan.  SafeWander sensors were used  for 24/7 continuous monitoring of 6 to 10 residents, as indoor geolocation beacons as well as bed/chair exit alarms. The trial concluded that 

(1) The SafeWander sensors were far more reliable than the traditional bed pad alarms in detecting and alerting bed- and chair-exits.  SafeWander not only helped to prevent falls and wandering incidents, but also reduced the stress on the caregivers, particularly at night; 

(2) The unique real-time location information of each resident provided by the SafeWander system, for the first time, enabled the facility to ensure resident safety and improve its operations: 

(3) The SafeWander system costs only 20% of the conventional wired bed alarm system.

The SafeWander-Based System received the “Chiba Innovative” Award for “Use of Sensor Technology to IoT the Entire Space of Senior Care Facilities”.